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SUN is the world's first currency with collateral for real estate land rights existing in existence.

The SUN Project aims at utilizing prime lands, currently underutilized, owned by the Balinese royal family. The land size is around 10.5 ha, and it is located in the center of Bali, neighboring the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Through obtaining the exclusive master-leasehold from the royal family, the project is aiming at leveraging the underutilized lands by a way in which we invite international brand hotel chains into the lands. The land management company under this project is making a rental agreement with hotel chains, and receive rental incomes.

SUN’s Property Token Offering (PTO) introduces the SUN Project Token, which grants token holders the right to receive a part of the rental income paid by the hotel operator. The funds raised in this PTO will be used for land clearance and marketing expenses, inviting the world’s prime hotel brands to the lands, maximizing token holders’ returns.

The targeted rental income of the Project Token holder is estimated at 15% per annum, that of the the sales agent at 5% per annum.
SUN Project Tokens and Dividend Tokens are ERC-20-compatible.

Revenue Stream

Business Model

The SUN project will obtain a master leasehold, exclusive management and use rights for 10.5 ha of land next to the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
The land will subsequently be sub-leased to international hotel chains.

Rights on real estate

Thus, the SUN project will for the first time open up the economic potential of royal lands in Bali. To do so, it will join forces with the thriving Balinese hospitality industry and innovative blockchain technology that is increasingly fit for industrial use.

SUN Project Token holders can expect an estimated 15% per annum return against their investment principal due to the fact that the royal family is keen to distribute large portions of rental incomes to the token holders involved in this project.

The profits of SUN projects will benefit token holders, but will also improve governmental revenues and thus the overall living standard of Balinese citizens and society.

It will also serve as a precedent for the use of blockchain technology in the emerging Indonesian and in particular Balinese economy, paving the way for future applications of novel technologies and educating Balinese citizens about their potentials.


Revenue Stream

The SUN Project Token grants token holders the right to receive a part of the rental income paid by the hotel operator. The funds raised in this PTO will be used for land clearance and marketing expenses, inviting the world’s prime hotel brands to the lands, maximizing token holders’ returns.

The hotel operators rental fee is paid to PT Puri Sunada Svarna and 55% of the rental fee will be distributed to investor token holders, so the rental fee calculation is core of this project. Details on rental fee calculation and assumption can be found in the white paper.

Annual reports will be made available online on the project’s website to share performance results with all Project Token holders.



The primary partner of SUN and Puri Sunada Svarna is the Balinese Royal Family, who are providing the project with exclusive rights to their inherited lands.

Equally important partners are international hotel chains who are going to sub-lease the land in exchange for rental fees. Negotiations are currently ongoing, and results will soon be made public.





Download the whitepaper for detailed information about SUN Token.

Download English version here:

Time line


December 2018
Private Sale
January 2019
PreSale phase 1 Live Now
Q3 2019
Agreement with hotel brand
Q3 2019
PreSale phase 2
Q3 2020
Hotel construction start
Q3 2020
PreSale phase 3
Q4 2021
PreSale phase 4
Q4 2021
Hotel operation begins
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To participate in SUN’s Property Token Offering (PTO), investors are required to register on SUN’s website, and provide their details to satisfy Know-your-customer (KYC) and Anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations. After investing in SUN token, the management team will contact you and provide instruction to create a wallet to receive SUN token.

Symbol:  SUN
Type:  ERC-20
Total Supply: 104,285.71
Smart Contract: 0xd9b8d9eedfc075e99ff0a83e9a230afa3d18256c

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Token Distribution



Sun token is designed so that approximately 55% of the revenue is distributed to token holders. 35% is held by project team to run the operation and 10% goes to royal family to help build the local business. For more detailed information please refer to the white paper.



Kenji Makita
Team User
Anak Agung NGR Ramajaya, SE
Royal Family
Team User
Ida Bagus Danny Premadhi
Royal Family
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Takuma Suehiro
Technical Advisor
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Tanzeel Hayder
Chartered Accountant
Team User
Christina Czeschik
Blockchain Strategist
Team User
Masaki Yamada – Kazuma Matsumoto – Seigi Matsuzaki – Koji Makita


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8 Dec 2018

Sun Token Bali official launch!

10 Dec 2018

Sun token Private Sale !

22 Dec 2018

Sun token PreSale phase 1 will start 5 Jan 2019.

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5 Jan 2019

Sun token PreSale phase 1 is now live. To purchase fill in the form below.


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